Connor Low

Connor Low and Brian Sowinski to Entertain July 9

We are thrilled to have the very entertaining guitar duo of Connor Low and Brian Sowinski.

Connor continues to impress and grow as a musician. He is a graduate of the School of Rock STL competition and tour. He has entertained at both the Wildwood Farmers Market as well as the Ellisville Community Farmers Market and has always impressed the audience.

Brian has the honor of being Connor’s first guitar teacher and has been a great influence on this young artist. They are truly fun to listen to as a duo.

Brian SowinskiA little more about Brian:
Brian Sowinski is continually trying to create new sounds for himself, as well as continuing to improve his writing style. His music has been followed by a small group since his college days when he was in the band Current Undertoe, who had regional success in the FL area. Brian has laid low for a long time, working as an independent musician, recording engineer, and DJ. Brian recently started writing again and is currently starting back up his music career by playing gigs within the greater St. Louis and St. Charles area.

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