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Salt of the Earth on Tap.

We are excited to announce that we have Salt of the Earth on tap for this week. They are a crowd favorite with a great mix of original music based around the idea of a roster of original roots and Americana music.

Salt of the Earth began out of the ashes of defunct alt-country group Belle Starr in early 2003, when guitarist and vocalist Lynne Reif and then guitarist Mike Schrand agreed to start a new musical project, based around the idea of a roster of almost all original roots and Americana music. Lynne had been writing some songs and Mike had the unlikely wish to become a bassist. So it began.

Work then began on the first release, “Against the Muse” with engineer/producer Mike Martin at The Broom Factory. Shortly after the January 2005 release of “Against the Muse”, cellist Jake Brookman became a full-time member of SOTE, making the band a “roots string quartet”.

In early 2006, Jim Hieger joined as the full-time lead guitarist and banjoist in SOTE.

In Summer 2006, the band went back to The Broom Factory to record their second release with Mike Martin. “These New Days” was released in January 2007 and the Reif / Schrand / Brookman / Hieger lineup has stayed intact. SOTE has been playing live steadily and has built an over 100 song roster of original material, and a fair number of cover songs to boot.

SOTE’s third album, “So Sing to Me” was released on November 7th, 2009 and the self-titled double live album was released in 2013. The three most recent releases are available at a show, on iTunes or at CD Baby:

The band is made up of

Lynne Reif: Guitar, Harmonica, Cajon, Vocals
Mike Schrand: Bass, Baritone Guitar, Vocals
Jake Brookman: Cello
Jim Hieger: Guitar, Banjo

Come enjoy the sounds and entertainment of SOTE and bring a Friend.

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