Market Guidelines and Rules


All individuals and groups leasing selling space at the Ellisville Community Farmers Market (ECFM) are herein defined as VENDORS.

All items sold at the Ellisville Community Farmers Market are herein defined as MERCHANDISE.

Ellisville Community Farmers Market is a producer only market. All merchandise sold by a vendor must be homegrown, handmade, and/or vendor-created from locally-owned operations within the states of Missouri and Illinois.

All rules and regulations are subject to review and revision annually. Vendors may submit any requests for revision in writing to the Market Master.

Scope of Operation

  1. The Ellisville Community Farmers Market is hereby defined as a marketplace designed for the sale of farm produce, greenhouse products, prepared foods, and handcrafted items. The Market will furnish reasonable necessary area and utilities to meet the requirements of all state, county, or local laws or regulations with regards to a market operation.
  2. The day-to-day management of the Ellisville Community Farmers Market will be the responsibility of the Market Master.
  3. Market days and hours of operation shall conform with the posted market schedule. The time of opening and closing may be changed or regulated by the Market Master, as conditions warrant.

Market Master Responsibilities

The Market Master performs all related duties to maintain and operate an efficient market in the best interest of the Ellisville Community Farmers Market, all vendors, and the general public. The Market Master maintains order in the market and:

  1. Enforces days and hours of operation.
  2. Assigns stalls to all vendors.
  3. Collects rental fees from all vendors.
  4. Directs the distribution and arrangement of all vehicles on the market premises or grounds.
  5. Verifies that all local, state, and federal laws are observed, all licenses and permits are valid and current for each vendor.
  6. As necessary, inspects farm or production facilities for compliance with market rules and regulations. Vendors must allow inspection.
  7. Locates new vendors as spaces are available and regulates what will be sold by these vendors in order to provide a select variety of merchandise to the public.
  8. Informs vendors of any violations of the rules and regulations.

General Rules

Safety regulations will be enforced:

  1. Smoking shall NOT be allowed in the market area or other areas designated NON-SMOKING.
  2. Any electrical extension cord used must be used in a safe way so as not to create a tripping hazard for vendors or customers.
  3. Any pets or live animals are prohibited inside the market booths.
  4. Vendors will be responsible for any injury to him- or herself, other vendors, and/or the public while moving merchandise in or out of the market area.
  5. No one may place any poster, advertisement, or billboard on the market premises without approval of the Market Master.
  6. No one may sell or attempt to sell any merchandise or animals on the market grounds without the express permission of the Market Master.
  7. The Ellisville Community Farmers Market is not liable for theft or damage of any merchandise before, during or after market hours.
  8. The Ellisville Community Farmers Market assumes no responsibility and is not liable for any injuries which may occur within an individual stall. Vendors are expected to keep their merchandise in reasonable order and allow unimpeded access to customers.
  9. Violation of established market rules and regulations may be deemed cause for denial of market privileges.

Weekly Vendor Participation Policy

  1. Vendors will receive a “roll call” email from the Market Master on Wednesday and must respond through email or telephone to notify the Market Master if the vendor needs a market stall that week by 9 a.m. on Thursday.
  2. Vendors who fail to respond may not be guaranteed a booth at that week’s market and the Market Master will accommodate as space permits.

Arrival, Departure and Selling Time

  1. Vendors are allowed a one-hour set-up and take down time before and after the scheduled market hours.
  2. Vendors are required to be in their designated market spot no later than 3:15 p.m. and all vehicles must be out of the market stall area by 3:45 p.m. Vendors who arrive after 3:30 p.m. will forfeit their spot. Vendors who arrive after 4 p.m. will not be allowed to participate in the market that day.
  3. Vendors may leave only after the market has closed and a safe exit can be made.
  4. Vendors may not conduct sales before the market opens or may not conduct sales after the market is closed.
  5. Vendors may not leave their stall space before the market closes without approval from the Market Master.

Vendor Responsibilities


  1. All vendors who wish to sell produce or products not grown or made by their farm or business must submit a written request to the market either by email or by letter. Included in the request must be the name and address of the farm or business that is growing or making the product, a contact name and phone number. The sale of any products prior to approval by the market board will be prohibited.
  2. Vendors must arrive at the market space 1 hour prior to the opening of the market and be setup and operating by 4:00 PM.
  3. Vendors must provide safe conditions for the public and are encouraged to obtain their own insurance against all liabilities.
  4. No person in the market shall refuse to comply with the direction, or interfere with, the rules set by the Market Master or duly appointed agent carrying out the provisions of these rules and regulations.
  5. Each vendor MUST obtain and furnish to the Market Master a current and valid copy of any and all licenses and permits necessary for their operation.
  6. Vendors shall not vacate the market before the official closing time for any reason without the express permission of the Market Master. After the scheduled closing of the market, all vendors must vacate the market within 1 hour.
  7. Attempts by vendors to establish abnormal or artificial prices by unfair or irregular means are prohibited.

Stall Standards

  1. Vendors must have their stalls completely set-up and ready for operation by the scheduled opening time of the market.
  2. Merchandise is to be displayed within stall boundaries. Vendors are required to keep merchandise within their allotted stall area at all times, including merchandise awaiting customer pick-up.
  3. Stalls shall be free of garbage. All garbage must be removed from the stall area and placed in an outside dumpster designated by the Market Master.

Disciplinary Actions

  1. Any vendor who fails to submit the required licenses and permits or who is not in compliance with the rules and regulations of said licenses and permits when conducting business shall be denied selling privileges.
  2. Written or verbal complaints brought to the attention of the Market Master by market customers will be resolved by the Market Master.
  3. Complaints by Vendors must be submitted in writing to the Market Master. The Market Master will discuss and resolve the matter with the parties involved.

Vendors may be denied or lose the privileges of selling at the Ellisville Community Farmers Market:

  • Failure to pay rent and fees per agreement
  • Violation of responsibilities as specified in Vendor Responsibilities section above
  • Violation of any vendor specific responsibilities as specified in the appropriate category
  • Violation of any rules as specified in the General Rules above
  • Disruptive conduct
  • Verified written complaints against a vendor showing reasonably conclusive evidence that said vendor has practice deception by displaying or selling merchandise packaged to misrepresent the quality or condition of the merchandise, or that said vendor has given false information regarding the origin, variety, quality, condition or value of merchandise