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A Lovely Day for a Market

Vendor list update – PM BBQ, The Wolf, Ray Rays Kettle Corn, GlenMark Farms, Eilerman Bros Farms and Orchards, Princess Speciality Breads, Bob’s Honey, Pop Pop & Company produce, Larry Schonert eggs and produce, McCallies Scottish Highland Coos Beef, Rag Rugs by Carolyn, Doug Wood’s Handmade planter boxes and furniture, Kathleen’s handmade soap and bodycare products, Dustin of Lakeview Farms with local produce, Jennifer Harmon with her handmade pottery, Maia is back with all the “Bows and Whistles”, Goddess Tie Dye clothing, Mary with handmade crystal and beaded jewelry.

Produce today includes local corn, a variety of peppers, zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, a variety of tomatoes, eggplant, green beans, maybe potatoes and onions, peaches, blackberries, melons. We need to make a big dent in all the fresh, seasonal produce that our vendors bring…we need to support all of the hard work that they go to in order to bring us this fresh and delicious, nutritious, local food…thank you for your continued support.

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