Change of plans

A Few Adjustments Today Due to All the Rain

No rain delay for us! We are inside the Park Admin building.

We will start at 4 p.m. just like every other week. 

We have produce vendors,

  • Eilerman Bros Farm and Orchards – Lisa Vogel has pies and turnovers
  • Larry Schonert
  • Dustin of Lakeview Farm
  • Don McCallie of Wildflower Farm will have Highland Coos beef, jerky and summer sausage.
  • Noble Canine with their dog treats will also be joining us.
  • We hope to see David Linze with soap, body care products and candles
  • El Chico Bakery is coming with fruit filled empanadas
  • The Earring Lady is coming too!

Stay tuned for any additions or changes.

The Wise Bros have been rescheduled for next week, August 14th.

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