George and René

The Future of the Ellisville Farmers Market

It been a great time filled with lots of passion and energy as we have volunteered our time and efforts to create  the Ellisville Community Farmers Market each season. Circumstances change and difficult decisions have been made. Changes in George’s full-time job are preventing him from providing as much support as he has in the past. Besides the full-time efforts of George and René, the market has been supported by volunteers. The volunteerism has significantly decreased each season. The customer base and market vendor attendance has also decreased. We have decided that we can no longer continue managing the farmers market and keep it open. Market attendance always drops off after the community concert season is over and then gets another hit when school starts. Due to an extreme drop in attendance, the market’s last evening was August 20th.

We cannot end this without giving our heartfelt thanks to those in the community that have supported the farmers all these years, especially those that stepped forward and volunteered their time and effort to help with the market. We would also like to offer our appreciation to the many vendors that participated in the market. It has been a delight to get to know each person. The relationships that have been created with customers and vendors has been quite special. We want to thank the City for allowing us and trusting us to put together an event for our community each week and for allowing us to use the park.


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