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It’s a vast and beautiful world out there, and without an explorer’s kit and guide, you’re destined to get lost on the flying monkey end of the Yellow Brick Road. Rain­tree has tapped into the striking phenomenon of purposeful teaching. When the goal of an education moves beyond passing a test, but becomes the means in which children practice being human, we can look about school with fresh eyes. Taking in the totality of what an education can contain, Rain­tree School frees each child to be adventurous in thought and generous of spirit.

Guided by the Reg­gio approach, Rain­tree students experience our transformation project-based curriculum that is hands-on, inter­dis­ci­pli­nary, requires teamwork, and encourages risk-taking. Our model spurs children to go out and apply what they’ve learned to problems that they’ve never seen before with parts that they’ve never used before. It is truly a test of mind and character.

Shouldn’t every student in every school be doing exactly that – making things from what they learn and using the things they make? It speaks volumes about the quality and relevance of the education being offered if the students are also enthusiastic, innovative, and proactive members of their community.

We teach young children to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, and collaborate. After all, innovative children must act different to think different. So Rain­tree learning community has built a culture of innovation in every nook and cranny of our campus. Rain­tree is a place where young children are given habits for success:

Willingness to experiment
Take calculated risks
Tolerate failure
Think critically
Design thinking
Curiosity and imagination
And it takes time to build a lifelong learner such as this. You won’t find us racing to the proverbial testing finish line here. By understanding, reinforcing, and modeling high-level thinking, Rain­tree finds ways to develop the habits of mind we want our future leaders to poses. At Rain­tree, we take all things in the fullness of time – let it brew. That purpose – that why – is our foundation.

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